Zinc Alloy Metal Buckles For Bag

The zinc alloy metal buckles for bags, from metal accessories made by Hongjinyuan Die Casting Service Provider through die-casting. The accessories of this metal buckles for bags have high precision and are important accessories for many bags. If you also need this kind of metal buckles for bags, welcome to contact us, we will respond to your quotation request within 24 hours and give you the best price.

zinc alloy metal buckles for bags

This metal buckles for bags are zinc alloy metal accessories, metal buckles are important bag accessories, and its processing is not difficult, such as the one in the picture, it is a Die Casting Service Provider through die casting, polishing, and then electric decoration chrome, and finally Get very shiny metal buckles for bags, of course, this is only a rough introduction, let’s introduce the technology of this metal buckles in detail.

zinc alloy metal buckles for bags

To make this metal accessories, open molding is required, and the zinc alloy is melted into the mold. This is a precision casting method. The melting point of zinc alloy is low. Compared with aluminum alloy die casting, it is easier to form. The shape is more complex, zinc alloy die casting is suitable for complex shapes, and zinc alloy die-casting can be subjected to surface treatment, such as electroplating, etc.

zinc alloy metal buckles for bags

The above is the processing technology. After the die casting is completed, the surface treatment is started, and the metal accessories are polished first, because after the die casting, the surface will have a grainy or wrinkled surface, which needs to be polished. After polishing, the roughness of the surface of the metal buckles for bags It will be relatively reduced. Of course, the main purpose of polishing is to obtain a smooth surface. For general Die Casting Service Provider, the polishing process is not difficult, but it is difficult to refine the polishing process. As a die casting service provider for 22 years, we are steeped in surface treatment.

zinc alloy metal buckles for bags

After the metal buckles for bags are polished above, decorative chrome plating is carried out, which is often referred to as chrome plating. The surface treatment of this step can make the surface have a mirror-like luster. In fact, chrome plating has a wide range of applications, such as medical equipment, metal furniture, etc,it can use electric decorative chrome, after this treatment, it will have higher hardness and wear resistance, and the appearance will be more beautiful and beautiful.

zinc alloy metal buckles for bags

In addition to this zinc alloy die casting, we can also handle brass die castings, which can be selected according to the customer’s preference. I don’t know what you think about this metal buckle for luggage, if you are interested in our die casting parts, please contact us as soon as possible, we will try our best to meet customer requirements.

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