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Zinc Alloy Door Lock Parts|Metal Die Casting Parts – HJY

Zinc Alloy Door Lock Parts|Metal Die Casting Parts

With the development of industry and technology, die casting has also entered the era of automation, which greatly reduces costs and speeds up production through machine operation, and meets the needs of current process production. Hongjingyuan die casting company has also been continuously upgraded and optimized, and now it has become a prominent company in the industry. We welcome professionals from all walks of life who need customized die casting parts to come to inquire.

Zinc alloy door Lock Parts

Demonstration Of The Technological Process

The one shown below is a die casting handicraft cast by Hongjingyuan die casting company through process processing – zinc alloy door lock parts. To cast this door lock parts, you need to design a mold drawing, make a mold according to the drawing, fill the mold with zinc alloy melt at high speed under high pressure, open the mold after cooling, take out the parts, and finally get this zinc alloy door lock parts. In fact, the entire die-casting process is not complicated, the mold needs to be made, and the manufactured mold determines the final shape of the casting. Today, Hongjingyuan die casting company has 30 advanced die-casting machines, which can cast various shapes of parts required by customers, whether simple or complex, such as keyboard boards, beauty massage parts, etc. shown before. In addition, our die casting company can also meet the strict tolerance requirements of customers.

Zinc alloy door Lock Parts

What Can We Do To The Surface Of The Parts?

After the manufacture of this door lock parts, various surface treatments can be carried out according to the needs. Here are some common surface treatments:

Electroplating: Using the principle of electrolysis to attach a layer of other metals or alloys to the surface, which can improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Sandblasting: Sandblasting can make the surface appear grainy and increase the adhesion of the coating.

Baking paint: Baking paint can make the color more bright, waterproof and moisture-proof, stable and fireproof.

Fuel injection: The biggest function is to improve the overall aesthetics.

Polishing: Improves surface smoothness and gloss.

In addition to the optional surface treatment, there are also colors that can be selected. We have as many as 30 colors for customers to choose from, which can fully meet your color requirements.

If the above text description is not enough, the above mentioned that our surface treatment can increase corrosion resistance, how should we prove it?

We have the neutral salt spray test, which is the most extensive corrosion test method, which can be used to check the corrosion resistance of protective coatings and decorative coatings.This anti-corrosion test can be performed on our door lock parts, The test time can be 48 hours or even as high as 96 hours. This accelerated corrosion test is used to convince customers that the parts of our Hongjingyuan die casting company have rich experience in both process and surface treatment, and can withstand Rigorous testing.

Zinc alloy door Lock Parts

Why Choose Zinc Alloy?

The door lock parts cast by our die casting company are mainly made of zinc alloy. The melting point of zinc alloy is low, about 400 degrees. It has good fluidity and is easy to shape. Therefore, we chose zinc alloy as our material for the door lock parts, and because of the properties of zinc alloys, hot chamber die casting was chosen. The difference between hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting is that the pressure chamber and crucible of the hot chamber die casting machine are connected together, and the direction of movement of the hammer head is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. Its process is simpler, the efficiency is high, the consumables are small, and the process is stable.

Hot Chamber Die Casting

For the above-mentioned content, if you still do not understand, I hope you will ask questions, and our professional team will answer your questions. For the processing of the process, our die casting company looks forward to cooperating with you and giving you the best service.

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