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Precision Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts | Die Casting Zinc Alloy Part – HJY

Precision Zinc Die Castings|Die Casting Zinc Alloy Part

This precision Custom zinc die casting is processed by well-known zinc alloy die casting parts manufacturers Hongjingyuan Hardware, the perfect polishing + painting surface treatment makes this precision zinc die casting have a beautiful appearance.If you are interested in our Precision Zinc Die Casting, you can click our inquiry button and let us know.

Of course, if you want to customize a friend like this Precision Zinc Die Casting, when you send us an inquiry, please Be sure to describe your needs in as much detail as possible and attach drawings, as a responsible Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts Manufacturer, we are obliged to give our customers the best possible product.

The Machining Process Used In This Zinc Alloy Die Castings

Precision Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts

This zinc alloy die castings is as described in the title, it is manufactured by using the precision die casting process, because we have not processed this product before processing this zinc alloy die castings, so this zinc alloy die casting is a precision oem zinc alloy die casting parts.

This Custom Zinc Alloy Die Castings is relatively simple, and it can be completed well for general zinc alloy die casting parts factories, because our hongjingyuan are all high-end customized products, and because of our rich experience, we can complete it very quickly Zinc alloy die-casting parts mold and enter mass production

Precision Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts

After completing the die-casting process, we also use CNC drilling services, dedicated secondary processing, precise positioning of each hole position and size, and strive to be the most precise Custom Zinc Alloy Die Castings.

Surface Treatment Process Of This Zinc Alloy Die Castings

Our customer told us that customizing this zinc alloy die castings requires a black and clean surface and a relatively low price. We are in the negotiation stage with the customer, and we have provided him with two surface treatment solutions. , respectively: 1. Polishing + black anodizing 2. Polishing + Painting, after consideration, the final customer chooses a polishing + painting combined surface treatment solution with a lower budget.

Precision Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts

What do you think of this Zinc Alloy Die Castings? Would you like an accessory like this too? You can contact us Hongjingyuan hardware, whether it is metal or plastic, we can provide you with high-precision parts and give you the best discounts in the industry

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