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In modern manufacturing, the fusion of innovation and craftsmanship has resulted in significant advances in producing complex mechanical components. Among the many outstanding methods, custom zinc alloy die-casting technology has been pioneered, shaping the landscape of precision manufacturing. HJY is a visionary company from the industrial province of Guangdong which has introduced a new model of mechanical parts production.

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Zinc alloy material

At the heart of this transformation lies a unique material – zinc alloy. Zinc alloys symbolize mechanical strength because of their inherent durability, excellent castability and exceptional dimensional stability. It has a low melting point and retains its shape even under high pressure, making it a canvas on which intricate designs can come to life.

The core of HJY is the die-casting process, a precise and delicate processing technology. The fusion of molten zinc alloy and carefully crafted moulds produce mechanical components that reflect the tiniest nuances of design. This process ensures the repeatability of complex geometries and imparts structural solid integrity to the final product.

Surface treatment process

In custom zinc alloy die-casting, HJY improves the aesthetics of parts through surface treatment processes (powder coating and electroplating). These technologies are not just about aesthetics but also part qualification and practicality. They are a testament to HJY’s commitment to producing components that stand the test of time and the environment.

Powder coating is a process similar to painting with a durable finish that imparts striking visual appeal to components and creates a protective layer against corrosion and wear. Electroplating, on the other hand, is a method of depositing a thin layer of metal on a surface that can impart enhanced conductivity and resistance to a component, strengthening the rigours of its application.

Part Processing Steps

The journey from raw material to exquisite mechanical masterpieces requires several carefully planned steps. HJY’s artisans follow a precise machining process, including die-casting, deburring and machining. Die casting moulds the core structure of the component while carefully deburring and polishing any imperfections to ensure a perfectly smooth surface. Machining is the finishing touch, honing intricate details and giving mechanical parts impeccable precision.

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HJY's commitment

While the utility of mechanical parts is undeniable, HJY envisions a deeper connection between form and function. Their brand echoes an unwavering commitment to producing components and mechanical art, a testament to human ingenuity. Each piece bearing the HJY logo is a fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless craftsmanship, embodying the essence of quality and excellence.


In an innovation-driven world, custom zinc alloy die castings have occupied an irreplaceable niche. As a pioneer in the industry, HJY constantly redefines the boundaries of possibility, incorporating material, technology and passion into every masterpiece they make. HJY originated in Guangdong Province, the centre of manufacturing, and is committed to shaping the future with a legacy that shapes mechanical parts and a new era of engineering excellence.

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