Shiny Golden Zinc Alloy Perfume Caps

As you can see, the beautiful Perfume Caps in the picture are actually Die Casting Process parts produced by our HongJingYuan wholesale. This is a Zinc Alloy Die Casting part, which is manufactured by die casting process because the steps are relatively simple, suitable for small and medium-sized castings, and can also be produced wholesale, which also reflects our HongJingYuan’s professionalism in choosing the processing technology.

Wholesale Die Casting Process Perfume Caps

You can see that our Perfume Caps come in different shapes, but the processing steps are the same, and we use the Die Casting Process to wholesale create a variety of beautiful shapes.

Wholesale Die Casting Process Perfume Caps

Our Perfume Caps use zinc alloy. The same as the wholesale manufacturing method of other die-casting parts, the mold is first opened, the metal is melted into the mold, and then wholesaled into this variety of Perfume Caps, some of which have many textures on the surface. Although some shapes are relatively complex, die casting of these shapes is not at all difficult due to our Wholesale production skills. Die-casting machines are divided into hot-chamber die-casting and cold-chamber die-casting. Zinc alloys are commonly used in hot-chamber die-casting. The production process of hot-chamber die-casting is relatively simple, and the efficiency is higher, the metal consumables are small, and the process is more stable.

Copper Alloy Perfume Bottle Cap

Then, after the Perfume Caps are die-casted, the surface is treated. As shown in the figure, we use different surface treatment processes for different colors. The brighter golden Perfume Caps use electroplated gold, and the reddish Perfume Caps are Imitation gold is used.

Wholesale Die Casting Process Perfume Caps

Both gold electroplating and imitation gold have their own benefits. Electroplated gold has certain wear resistance, good anti-discoloration ability, and the appearance of golden yellow looks more generous and beautiful. Electroplating gold is widely used, such as jewelry, jewelry, etc. It can be used as a decorative coating as well as a functional and protective coating. Another reddish-yellow Perfume Caps in the picture uses imitation gold, which greatly improves the decoration of the product. The effect of imitation gold can also reach the color of 18K, 24K, and rose gold.

Wholesale Die Casting Process Perfume Caps

The above is the whole process of our wholesale production of die casting components. For the wholesale manufacturing of die casting process parts, we are both professional and exquisite. I believe you are also very interested in our craftsmanship and look forward to your inquiry.

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