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In modern furniture design, minor details can make the most significant impact.

HJY, a pioneering brand based in Guangdong, China, has masterfully blended artistry and functionality with their remarkable range of die-casting zinc handles.

As a leading zinc die-casting company with over two decades of experience, HJY has redefined the concept of furniture hardware, offering a fusion of innovative design and unparalleled quality.

Z211-die casting zinc handle

Craftsmanship at its Finest

Their unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship lies at the heart of HJY’s success.

Every piece is meticulously crafted using premium ZAMAK and zinc materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

This dedication to quality has made HJY a trusted name in the industry, with its handles adorning cabinets, drawers, dressers, wardrobes, cupboards, and desks worldwide.

Unleash Your Design Vision

HJY’s extensive collection of die-casting zinc handles is a testament to their understanding of diverse design preferences.

Whether you’re envisioning a sleek modernist approach or a timeless classic feel, HJY’s handles effortlessly blend into any aesthetic.

Available in captivating silver and gold tones, these handles add a touch of luxury to your furniture, elevating its overall appearance.

Functional Elegance

More than just eye-catching adornments, HJY’s handles are designed for practicality.

Functioning as push-pull elements, they offer seamless usability while serving as exquisite decoration.

This marriage of aesthetics and functionality ensures that your furniture looks stunning and performs effortlessly.

Z211-die casting zinc handle-1

Quality You Can Trust

HJY’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its craftsmanship.

Rigorous testing, including a salt spray test for corrosion resistance, ensures that each handle withstands the test of time.

With certifications from SGS, ISO, ROHS, and CE, HJY’s handles embody a mark of quality and reliability that you can trust.

Customization Expertise

With a rich legacy of 24 years of OEM experience, HJY has honed the art of customization.

The brand understands that every furniture piece is unique and offers handles in two sizes: CTC32mm (L106W36H18mm) and CTC64mm (L148W56H28mm).

This personalized approach allows you to tailor each handle to your specific requirements, enhancing the cohesiveness of your furniture ensemble.

Empower Your Furniture

HJY’s die-casting zinc handles transcend their role as mere accessories; they empower your furniture to be a statement of design excellence. Whether gracing a cabinet, drawer, wardrobe, cupboard, or desk, these handles add a touch of sophistication that speaks volumes about your taste and style.

Experience Innovation with HJY

HJY reigns as a trailblazer in furniture hardware, combining the precision of zinc die-casting with visionary design.

With a legacy rooted in quality, innovation, and customization, HJY invites you to redefine your furniture aesthetics.

Elevate your space with HJY’s distinctive handles, where each piece is more than just hardware—it embodies artistry.


Experience the future of furniture hardware with HJY. Discover the seamless fusion of innovation and aesthetics that only die-casting zinc handles can provide. Your furniture transformation starts here.

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