What are the advantages of CNC turn-milling?

Before understanding the advantages of CNC turn-milling, let us first understand what is CNC turning and CNC milling, what is CNC turn-milling and what are the advantages of CNC turn-milling.

Everyone knows that CNC machining is when the CNC system is activated, the required cutting is programmed into the software, and the corresponding tools and machines are operated after receiving the instructions. Generally speaking, CNC turning refers to the rotation of the workpiece, while the cutting tool usually does not rotate, while milling refers to the movement and rotation of the tool while the workpiece remains stationary.

Compared with single turning or milling, CNC turn-milling is actually a process with higher efficiency than single turning or milling, the milling of a curved surface while rotating the workpiece around its center point.

the advantages of CNC Turn-milling

The advantages of CNC turn-milling

-Various simple or complex shapes can be produced by CNC turn-milling. First of all, CNC turn-milling can be processed for cylinders, conical surfaces, grooves, threads, etc. that can be processed by a single CNC turning.

CNC turn-milling can avoid errors caused by positioning reference conversion by reducing the number of clamping times, thereby improving the precision of processed products.

CNC turn-milling compound can improve the utilization of machine space and reduce the floor space. The unit price of this kind of turn-milling compound equipment will be relatively high, but it will greatly reduce the cost in other aspects, such as shortening the manufacturing time cost of the process and reducing equipment maintenance costs , workshop space cost reduction and so on.

-The efficiency of CNC turn-milling is higher than that of single CNC turn-milling, because turning and milling can complete some or even all of the processing procedures and improve production efficiency.

CNC turn-milling is safer, because it belongs to the use of programming software to operate on the machine or workpiece, without the need for the operator to operate on the machine, reducing the mistakes in the operation and causing personal injury.

cnc machine

The funtions of CNC turn-milling

CNC turn-milling can be used for secondary processing to add or improve features on parts manufactured by different processes.

CNC turn-milling can not only be used for hole machining of workpieces, but also can produce complex curved surfaces or heterosexual parts by rotating the tool and the workpiece at the same time.

CNC turn-milling plays an important role in today’s industrial fields, such as aerospace manufacturing, which has been widely used to produce workpieces that are difficult to use single turning. This CNC turn-milling composite parts have higher precision Spend.

CNC turn-milling composite parts have been widely used in the automotive field and even the railway field. Compared with other mechanical processing methods, it has higher advantages, and has functions such as turning and milling, which can realize the processing of turn-milling in one clamping ideas.

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