Aluminum alloy T-shaped gold beauty bar

T-shaped gold beauty bar is manufactured by hongjingyuan CNC turning suppliers, with golden shell and high-precision craftsmanship, based on more than 20 years of cnc manufacturing experience, focusing on various metal processing and professional craftsmanship, to provide you with the highest The quality, the best service, the lowest price.

T-Shaped Gold Beauty Bar Parts

The technology used in this T-shaped gold beauty bar is cnc turning and die casting, so it has high precision. The material is aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. As a skin care equipment, the shell is polished, chrome-plated, sandblasted and oxidized, so the whole gold beauty bar looks bright and beautiful.

T-Shaped Gold Beauty Bar Parts

As a high-precision gold beauty bar, the middle tube is made of aluminum alloy by CNC turning suppliers. First, a long, thin cylinder is made of aluminum alloy as a handle. Of course, the CNC turning suppliers process it. The precision of the parts is higher than that of other processing technology parts, so it can better meet the customer’s pursuit of high precision.

T-Shaped Gold Beauty Bar Parts

After the processing is completed, the surface is treated. The surface treatment is not difficult, but it can be processed into a bright appearance thanks to the professionalism of our CNC turning suppliers. The first is to sandblast the surface of the aluminum tube, which can clean the tiny burrs on the surface. Finally, carry out oxidation treatment. Oxidation can be processed into your favorite color. The gold beauty bar that is oxidized after sandblasting will have a high-grade, dirt-resistant matte surface. If only sandblasting is performed without oxidation, then the gold beauty bar will last for a long time. The color will then become dull. Therefore, our CNC turning suppliers are very meticulous about the processing of these processes.

T-Shaped Gold Beauty Bar Parts

The aluminum tube in the middle is processed by CNC turning, and the T-shaped massage head and the round bottom are made by die casting. The die casting process is not difficult. The first step is to open the mold, because the material of the T-shaped massage head and the bottom is made. It is a zinc alloy. The zinc alloy is melted and poured into the mold for die-casting. The surface of the zinc alloy die-casting part is smooth and not rough, and its melting point is not higher than that of other metals, so it is better for die-casting.

T-Shaped Gold Beauty Bar

After the die-casting is completed, the general surface treatment is carried out. First, polishing, polishing makes the zinc alloy die-casting more textured and more metallic. If polishing makes the product brighter, then electroplating decorative chrome can make the polished die-casting. The icing on the cake, it has a mirror-like luster after electroplating decorative chrome. After such a step-by-step process, a high-precision, high-value gold beauty bar is completed.

Threaded Aluminum Die Castings

Of course, the above is just one of the techniques of skin care equipment, we can also produce other high-value skin care equipment, and we also have many colors for customers to choose from, both rose gold and silver can be produced. We have professional cnc turning and die casting process manufacturing skills, we are professional CNC turning suppliers, if you also need this part or such products, we can do it for you, and provide you with the best according to your needs services, please contact us.

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