How to deal with surface quality problems of zinc die castings

There are surface defects and quality problems in the quality inspection of zinc die castings, which are affected by multiple factors, and it is not troublesome to solve them. They can be solved from the following aspects:

Zinc alloy raw material

Check and analyze defects

If you want to solve the problem, you must first analyze the surface quality problems of zinc die castings to determine the type, location, and cause of the problem.

General surface quality problems such as: oxidation, pores, sand holes, flow marks, cracks, etc. There are different reasons for these problems.

For example, air holes will appear if the air is not released completely, and cracks will easily appear in thin-walled outlets.

Specific problems can only be solved by specific analysis.

Optimize mold and process parameters

The surface quality of zinc die castings is often due to problems with the mold.

It is necessary to optimize the mold and adjust the process parameters.

After optimization, the surface quality of zinc die castings can be effectively improved.

The specific method is to ensure that the surface of the mold is flat and smooth, so as to avoid excessive wear marks and scratches on the mold.

At the same time, process parameters such as injection speed, pressure and temperature should be adjusted to obtain better fluidity and filling performance.

Control molten metal quality

The quality of the molten metal is also one of the factors that cause surface quality problems in zinc die castings.

It is necessary to ensure the quality and purity of the molten zinc alloy, so as to avoid surface quality problems caused by impurities and gases in the metal.

Only high-quality raw materials can be produced. Quality zinc die casting. Furnace equipment also needs to be cleaned regularly, and metal impurities are easy to accumulate inside, and mixing into molten metal will also cause surface quality problems of zinc die castings.

In addition, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature and time during the smelting process. Failure to grasp these two items will cause damage to raw materials, and will naturally lead to surface quality problems in zinc die castings.

Zinc alloy die casting

Surface treatment and coating

If there is no good way to prevent the surface quality problems of zinc die castings, then the surface problems can also be dealt with directly.

For some surface quality issues, surface treatments and coatings can be used to improve appearance and performance.

Using polishing, sandblasting, pickling and other treatment methods can effectively eliminate oxidation, blisters and blemishes.

The main function of the coating is to protect and provide decorative functions, common coating methods such as electroplating and spraying.

Machining and Restoration

For some small defects, the surface quality can be improved by processing and repairing. For example, cracks and local defects are repaired using machining methods or laser welding repair techniques.


Dealing with surface defects and quality problems of zinc die castings requires comprehensive consideration of materials, processes and equipment.

Pay attention to quality control and continuous improvement, cooperate with professional engineers, suppliers and die casting factories to work together to solve problems and improve the surface quality and overall quality level of zinc die castings.

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