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This facial 3D roller massager looks simple in structure, but the craftsmanship is very precise. Making such a part is actually a test of the manufacturer’s capabilities. Even manufacturers with many years of manufacturing experience are very cautious. It is undeniable that manufacturing such high-precision instruments is one of the advantages of our Hongjingyuan metal processing factory.

Silver 3D Roller Massager

This 3D Roller Massager has completed two kinds of processing, the first kind is cnc turning, the second kind is die casting, and this second kind of work is easy to come to our metal processing plant. The details of these two kinds of industrial processing processes will be provided by the owner.

Silver 3D Roller Massager

Die casting

The handle of the 3D Roller Massager you have seen is processed by die casting. This processing method is relatively simple and has relatively good precision. This 3D Roller Massager has three materials to choose from on the market. Used to complete the process, one is zinc alloy, one is aluminum alloy, and the other is plastic. Of course, the material can be selected according to the needs of customers. We mainly focus on zinc alloy, and we will talk about the process in detail. First, the mold is opened. After the mold is opened, the zinc alloy melt is forced into the mold by high pressure. Even if it is a relatively simple process, our metal processing plant pays great attention to precision. By die casting, we got a 3D Roller Massager handle, and then we started to work on its surface to make it look more beautiful.

Silver 3D Roller Massager

Our general pressure 3D Roller Massager has advanced surface brilliance, removed surface hair stabs, and added new surface treatment. After passing through the light and getting a glossy surface, re-run the power, silver, this step can prevent corrosion, and use the 3D Roller Massager to further enhance the beauty.

The above is the production process of the 3D Roller Massager, and the following is the production process of the two rollers.

Silver 3D Roller Massager

CNC turning

The roller on this 3D Roller massager is processed by cnc turning process. We have high requirements for Home Facial Tools, so we use this high-precision processing method. Our metal processing plant first uses cnc turning to complete the production of two rollers. After the two rollers are processed, you can see that there are some patterns similar to engraving on the surface. This one is treated with cnc Batch of flower. After this treatment, the two rollers have delicate lines, and the last is electroplating. The silver-plated roller is bright and beautiful. After such a process, the 3D Roller massager is completed.

Silver 3D Roller Massager

Our metal processing plant is precision and industrial. If you are interested in our craftsmanship, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best.

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