Tips for choosing cabinet handles

Tips for choosing cabinet handles

There are several materials of cabinet handles on the market today: copper, zinc alloy, wood, plastic, aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, iron, and acrylic. This article will introduce what are the advantages and disadvantages of different materials of cabinet pulls?

1, zinc alloy handles: Zinc alloy has good casting properties, can die-cast many complex processes of cabinet handles, zinc alloy handles smooth surface, its surface treatment can be: electroplating, spraying, painting. Zinc alloy in the melt die-casting under the characteristics of non-iron absorption, non-corrosive pressing, non-stick mold. Mechanical properties and good wear resistance at room temperature, low melting point, melting point 385 ℃, easy die-casting.

2, stainless steel handles: with zinc alloy handles, stainless steel handles due to stainless steel itself raw material stability, simple production, mostly straight, diagonal, square tube; surface is not easy to rust, direct polishing can avoid the cost of electroplating;.

3, iron handle: compared with zinc alloy, iron raw material price stability, simple production, relatively low mold cost, surface treatment can be carried out: electroplating, painting, spraying; easy to rust.

Overall, the zinc alloy material handle is more expensive, stainless steel is cheaper, but not durable, iron is more durable, the price is also more appropriate, but there are some defects in the aesthetic.

Through the above advantages and defects of different materials handle comparison, I am sure you have a further understanding of the handle, if there are other places do not understand can consult HongJingYuan handle manufacturers.


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