Five standards of aluminum die-casting mold inspection

Aluminum die-casting moulds must be inspected before leaving the factory. Only when the conditions are met can they be put into use. Specific standards are shown below.

1, aluminum die-casting mold chemical composition test test methods, test standards and re-inspection must comply with the standards of GB/T15115. The chemical composition of the sample product can be used from the die casting to meet the requirements of GB/T15115. Mechanical properties of the mechanical properties, test methods, test times, test specifications must comply with the requirements of GB/T15115.

2. The sample products used in aluminum die casting molds, the size of the cut parts, and the test pattern are to be determined after negotiation.

3, the geometric pattern inspection test of die-casting parts can be tested by a wide range of samples or using GB2828, GB2829 standard, the test results must meet the requirements of the specification.

4、The factory inspection of the appearance quality of aluminum die-casting parts must be inspected one by one. The test results must comply with the requirements of this standard.

5, the appearance of aluminum die-casting mold should be in accordance with GB/T6060.1 standard.