Multiple Colors Eye Massage Tools

Today, the processing technology introduced is die casting. It is Eye Massage Tools. As a beauty tool die casting parts, it has a relatively exquisite craftsmanship. Various complex shapes can be created. As a professional metal die casting factory, HongJingYuan is your best choice.

Eye Massage Tools

Why choose die casting process?

Why did our Eye Massage Tools choose die casting process? In addition to saving some costs, the use of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy die casting will make the process easier and the precision will not be poor.As shown in the figure, the whole body of the die casting process is used. The zinc alloy or aluminum alloy is melted into or poured into the mold. Zinc and aluminum are both commonly used die-casting alloys, which can be better shaped. 

Eye Massage Tools

The two Eye Massage Tools in the picture are of the same process, but slightly different in shape. One is with balls. The balls are mainly used for eye massage, and the handle can be used as a spoon to take out eye cream. The other is the shape of a spoon. In addition to taking eye cream, the spoon can also press the eye area behind. We pay great attention to product details. Of course, no matter what the shape is, we can process it through the die casting process factory.

Eye Massage Tools

After the process is completed, the surface should be treated. In order to make this Eye Massage Tools more beautiful, our die casting process factory is very meticulous about the surface treatment. First, polish the die casting parts to reduce it. roughness, making the surface smoother. Then start to perform chromium plating on the polished product. This step can improve wear resistance, decorative properties, and can attach rich colors to our eye Massage Tools, such as gold, rose gold, pearl nickel. With this surface treatment chromium plating, the surface of this Eye Massage Tools is brighter for aesthetic purposes.

Eye Massage Tools|metal die casting process factory

The above is the whole step and process of our Eye Massage Tools process. Not only this part, but other high-precision parts, we can process it for you. If necessary, welcome to come to the detailed consultation.

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