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In the field of process processing, the metal parts we usually see can actually have a variety of processing methods, such as the door lock components in the picture. To produce this type of door lock components, two processing methods can be used, one is Die casting, the second is CNC machining (mainly CNC milling in the picture), Hongjingyuan parts manufacturer will use different processing methods according to different needs, so what is the basis for our different processing methods? Let’s talk about it in detail below.

Metal door lock components

There are three door lock components as shown in the picture, the silver door lock components are CNC-milling, and the black and copper door lock components are die-casting. You may be wondering why one part uses two kinds of processing. Way. Because we Hongjingyuan can provide you with the required processing requirements, we are strong and professional.

Metal door lock components

First of all, introduce this silver door lock components, which can be produced by direct CNC milling. Through CNC milling, the overall shape of the door lock components, as well as drilling holes, can be processed. CNC milling is more suitable for plane machining. It uses the tool to rotate, the workpiece does not move, and the excess part of the material is removed, thus forming this door lock components. CNC milling produces high-precision parts that can meet strict tolerance requirements and Achieving a tolerance of only ±0.01.

Metal door lock components|casting and machining parts manufacturer

The two door lock components, black and copper, are processed by die casting process. Compared with CNC milling, the die casting process is relatively simple. You only need to open the mold and press the molten metal into the mold cavity quickly under high pressure. , Through such a die-casting process, the general shape of the door lock components is produced, and then the screw threads and screw holes are processed by tapping, and the door lock components are processed through the above steps.

Metal door lock components

This door lock components the overall shape through die-casting and machining, and finally needs surface treatment. The electroplating process is used, which can improve the wear resistance, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance of the part, and also enhance its beauty.

Metal door lock components

The above is the entire process, the selection of materials and processes, and there is a certain basis. The door lock components mentioned above are made of zinc alloy or aluminum alloy, which are commonly used metals in process processing. As for the choice of process, how to choose between casting and machining? Die casting is more suitable for mass production, which is more cost-effective. CNC milling is suitable for people who need high precision parts..No matter what kind of manufacturing process, our parts manufacturers are always ready to solve your production problems.

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