High Performance Aluminum5083 Solar Panel Frame

The Solar Panel Frame is the core part of the solar power generation system. This Solar Panel Frame uses the CNC milling process and the material used is Aluminum5083.

Aluminum5083 Solar Panel Frame

Process selection

HongJingYuan cnc milling supplier often regards high precision as the primary consideration when selecting the process. This type of Solar Panel Frame is an important part of the solar power generation system, and the process selection must be meticulous, so CNC Milling Machining is selected for this type of parts. best plan. Cnc milling means that the workpiece does not rotate, the tool rotates, and the metal workpiece is cut. This is one of the main methods of plane machining, which is also significantly different from CNC Turning Machining, which is suitable for machining round surfaces. CNC turning is mainly the workpiece rotation. Without rotation, it plays the biggest advantage and key role of CNC machining for processing thin-walled and complex surfaces.

After understanding that this Solar Panel Frame is processed by CNC milling, let’s take a look at the production process of the parts by our cnc milling supplier.

In a nutshell, this whole cuboid Solar Panel Frame is processed by CNC Milling. Whether it is the grain details above, CNC milling can be processed into the product effect you need. HongJingYuan cnc milling supplier can provide professional CNC Machining Service, not only because of the professionalism of our machinery and equipment, but also because our team of technicians are industry leaders.

surface treatment

In addition to process processing, our cnc milling supplier also pays great attention to the ornamentation of the surface of the parts. The surface treatment of the Solar Panel Frame you see is sandblasting and oxidation. Sandblasting is a high-speed sandblasting beam formed by compressed air. Spray onto the surface of the Solar Panel Frame, which results in a consistent surface texture and a matte finish. If the workpiece is only sandblasted and not oxidized, the color will be dim after a long time. Oxidation after sandblasting can solve this problem. After sandblasting and oxidation, the burrs on the surface are removed, an oxide film is formed, and the The matt appearance improves the decorative effect of the workpiece.

Material selection

The material used for this Solar Panel Frame produced by our cnc milling supplier is Aluminum5083. The main alloying element of 5083 is magnesium, which belongs to Al-Mg-Si series alloy and is a commonly used metal for ships, automobiles, missile components, and drilling equipment. Material. Aluminum5083 is considered to be the most promising alloy, and its corrosion resistance and weldability can meet the needs of Solar Panel Frame production.

Aluminum5083 Chemical Composition

Al : seldom 

Si: ≤0.40

Cu: ≤0.10

Mg: 4.0 to 4.9

Zn: ≤0.25

Mn: 0.40~1.0

Ti: ≤0.15

Cr: 0.05~0.25

Fe: 0.000 to 0.400

Note: single: ≤0.05; total: ≤0.15

Aluminum5083 Solar Panel Frame

The above are the details of cnc parts processing provided by HongJingYuan cnc milling supplier. Whether it is CNC milling or cnc turning, HongJingYuan can achieve the ultimate, of course, it can also undertake various surface treatments to improve product viewing. Customers can make adjustments to our products, and HongJingYuan cnc milling supplier will modify them until the customers are satisfied.

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