High Bay LIght Fittings|Custom Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Fittings

As a common tool for industrial lighting, high bay lights are an indispensable part of the field of industrial plant lighting. It is also very important to manufacture the accessories of such high bay lights. Without the basis of spare parts, the finished product is incomplete. For the production of such high bay light fittings, HongJingYuan fittings factory is your most reliable partner.

Custom high bay light fittings|Aluminum alloy die-casting fittings factory

Among all kinds of processing, die casting is the most common processing method, This is also Hong Jingyuan is good at the type of process processing. The high bay light fittings in the picture are die-casting. The aluminum alloy shell is painted with yellow cover, and its shape and details are processed by die casting.

Why choose this processing method?
First, the die-casting process has low cost and strong shaping ability.
Second, metal parts with complex shapes and clear contours can be cast.
Third, the size and accuracy of die casting parts are high, up to IT11-13 level, and the accuracy requirements can be met for general parts.
Fourth, the output rate is high, because high-pressure and high-speed filling is used, the actual time from material to finished product is short, and the advantage of low cost is suitable for mass production.

Custom high bay light fittings|Aluminum alloy die-casting fittings factory

Cast this high bay light fittings through our die casting fittings factory. The material of this high bay light fittings is aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is commonly used in cold chamber die casting. The pressure chamber of cold chamber die casting is separated from the crucible. The direction of movement of the punch tool is parallel to the horizontal plane. Aluminum alloys use cold chamber die casting due to their higher melting point. After the mold is made, the mold is cleaned and preheated, and the metal is quickly filled into the mold cavity under high pressure. This process uses manual or robotic hands to pour the molten metal from the crucible into the injection hole and into the pressure chamber. Finally, open the mold and take out the die casting. After this whole process, this high bay light fittings is finished.

Custom high bay light fittings

Cold Chamber Die casting

After the casting of the high bay light fittings is completed, the appearance can be beautified. This surface treatment step can be done in our die-casting fittings factory.First, the lampshade of the high bay light fittings is powder-sprayed. The powder is sprayed with high-voltage static electricity, and the powder is sprayed from the spray gun. The powder is evenly adsorbed on the high bay light fittings, and after high temperature, it evenly covers the surface of the high bay light fittings, and forms a protective layer with a certain hardness after cooling. The second is to paint the cover on the high bay light fittings to form a yellow surface, in the same way as the lamp head, but with a different color.

Custom high bay light fittings

Through the above process processing and surface treatment, The finished high bay light fittings can be circulated in the market. Our die-casting fittings factory shows only a part of the parts, there are more process processing needs can pay attention to our website.

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