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What is Low Pressure Die Casting?

Low pressure die casting is a die casting process that uses pressure in the range of 20-100kPa (2.9-14.5 psi) to inject molten alloy into the mold. It is generally used for high precision parts casting and is suitable for metal alloys with low melting points, such as lead alloys and tin alloys.

Low Pressure Die Casting Machine

Choose HJY as Your Low Pressure Die Casting Services Expert

22 years of low pressure die casting service experts – HJY, can bring you more accurate and professional customized low-pressure die-casting services than other companies. At present, we have more than 15 professional die-casting machines, which can meet the precision needs of various industries for various low-pressure die-casting parts.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Pressure Casting


High quality castings

Due to the slow metal flow rate in the low pressure die casting process, the generation of air bubbles and defects can be effectively reduced, and the quality of castings can be improved.

Uniform filling

It(LPDC) can fill the metal into the mold at a lower pressure, which helps to achieve more uniform and complete filling and reduces filling defects.

High precision

The low pressure die casting metal injection process is slow and controllable, and thin walls and tiny places can be filled evenly, so the manufactured parts are of high precision.


Long production cycle

Compared with other rapid casting processes, low pressure die casting has a relatively long production cycle due to the slower metal injection rate and longer solidification and cooling time.

Applicable to specific metal alloys

This casting process is mainly suitable for some metal alloys with lower melting points, such as lead alloys, tin alloys, etc., and is not suitable for metal alloys with higher melting points.

Complex mold manufacturing

LPDC molds usually require high manufacturing processes and precision requirements. Because the mold is affected by injection pressure and high temperature, the mold manufacturing complexity is relatively high.

Outside view of HJY china die casting factory

Our Die Casting Factory in China

HJY Hardware, as a very dynamic precision die casting company, we are willing to bring you a series of solutions and implement them into the production of die casting components, we can use more than 80 kinds of materials and more than 20 kinds of production processes and according to customize the best die casting services for your needs.

Low Pressure Die Casting Services Commonly Used Metals and
Application Industry

Commonly Used Metals

Lead Alloy

● Plasticity
● Radiation protection
● Corrosion-resistant

Tin Alloy

● Low Melting Point
● Liquidity

Zinc Alloy

● Liquidity
● Corrosion resistance
● Machinability

Application Industry

Automobile industry

Electronic industry

Aeronautics and Astronautics

Communications industry

Our Custom Low Pressure Die Casting Example​

  • Part name: Custom Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts
  • Raw material: Zinc Alloy
  • Manufacturing processes: Low Pressure Die Casting
  • Surface treatment: Polishing,painting
Precision Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts
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