Hot Chamber Die Casting Services

What is Hot Chamber Die Casting?

Hot chamber die casting is a die casting process that directly injects molten metal into the die-casting mold. It is often used on metal alloys with low melting points, such as zinc alloys and copper alloys. Unlike cold-chamber die-casting,hot chamber die casting does not isolate the molten metal.

Hot Chamber Die Casting

Choose HJY as Your Hot Chamber Die Casting Service Expert

Hongjingyuan, a hot chamber die-casting service expert for 22 years, can bring you more accurate and professional customized hot chamber die-casting services than other companies (of course, if you request, we can also change to cold chamber die-casting services). At present, we have more than 15 professional die-casting machines, which can meet the precision manufacturing needs of various die-casting parts in various industries.

Outside view of HJY china die casting factory

Our Die Casting Factory in China

HJY Hardware, as a very dynamic precision die casting company, we are willing to bring you a series of solutions and implement them into the production of die casting components, we can use more than 80 kinds of materials and more than 20 kinds of production processes and according to customize the best die casting services for your needs.

Our Hot Chamber Die Casting Process

HJY’s hot chamber die-casting machine has a heating chamber, which needs to be filled with the required molten alloy. Hot chamber die-casting generally uses metals with low melting points, such as copper alloys and zinc alloys.

The advantage of hot chamber die casting is that the production speed is very fast, and the molten metal can be refilled after the parts are demolded. It is a necessary choice for large-scale production and high-efficiency production.

Our Custom Hot Chamber Die Casting Example

Wholesale Hot Chamber Die Casting Process Copper Alloy Perfume Bottle Cap

  • Part name:Copper Alloy Perfume Bottle Cap
  • Raw material: Copper Alloy
  • Manufacturing processes: Hot Chamber Die Casting
  • Surface treatment: Deburring, electroplating, sandblasting, painting, oil spraying, polishing.
Copper Alloy Perfume Bottle Cap
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