High Pressure Die Casting Services

What is High Pressure Die Casting?

High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) is a process that uses pressures up to 150,000 kPa (21,700 psi) to cast larger and more complex parts,usually cold chamber die casting will use this process.

High Pressure Die Casting Machine

Choose HJY as Your High Pressure Die Casting Service Expert

Hongjingyuan, an expert in high-pressure die-casting services for 22 years, can bring you more accurate and professional customized high-pressure die-casting services than other companies. At present, we have more than 15 professional die-casting machines, which can meet the precision needs of various industries for various high-pressure die-casting parts.

Why Use High Pressure Die Casting?

High pressure die casting uses pressures up to 150,000 kPa (21,700 psi), and this range is a general guideline, depending on many factors including materials used, part size and shape, mold construction, and more.

Smaller and simpler parts generally require lower pressures, while larger and complex parts require higher pressures. In actual production, die casting engineers use experience and experimentation to determine the optimum pressure setting to ensure that the metal fills the mold and achieves the desired part quality.

It is worth noting that the pressure of high-pressure die-casting involves not only the injection pressure in the mold, but also the holding pressure in the holding stage. The pressure in the packing stage is used to keep the metal in a solidified state in the mold to avoid the formation of shrinkage cavities or other defects. Therefore, pressure management throughout the die casting process is important to ensure the quality and performance of the final product.

Outside view of HJY china die casting factory

Our Die Casting Factory in China

HJY Hardware, as a very dynamic precision die casting company, we are willing to bring you a series of solutions and implement them into the production of die casting components, we can use more than 80 kinds of materials and more than 20 kinds of production processes and according to customize the best die casting services for your needs.

Metals and Application Industry

HPDC Commonly Used Metals

Aluminum Alloy

●Low density
●Thermal conductivity
●Corrosion resistance

Titanium Alloy

●High strength
●Corrosion resistance

Magnesium Alloy

●Ultra-light material
●High Strength and Rigidity
● Recyclable

Application Industry

Medical industry

Automobile industry

Electronic industry

Aeronautics and Astronautics

Communications industry

Advantages of HPDC

For the manufacture of parts with complex shapes

High pressure allows molten metal to fill into the small space of the die-casting mold cavity, and can be solidified directly without other redundant processes.

High-quality surface quality

 High pressure allows molten metal to be evenly distributed, making the surface of the produced parts smooth, without further surface treatment.

Low cost

The low scrap rate and less follow-up processing procedures of high pressure die casting make the cost lower than other die casting processes.

Our Custom High Pressure Die Casting Example

  • Part name: Custom Aluminum Alloy PC Case Radiator​ Shell
  • Raw material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Manufacturing processes: High Pressure Die Casting
  • Surface treatment:Electroplating,painting, oil spraying
Custom pc case Radiator shell
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