Cold Chamber Die Casting Services

What Is Cold Chamber Die Casting

Cold chamber die casting is a die casting process in which metal alloys are melted in a cold chamber isolated from molten metal, and then injected into a die-casting mold by pressure, and then solidified to become the parts we need. This is a commonly used process, generally used to manufacture metal parts with complex shapes.

Cold chamber die casting

Choose HJY as Your Cold Chamber Die Casting Service Expert

Hongjingyuan, a 22-year cold chamber die-casting service expert, can bring you more accurate and professional customized cold chamber die-casting services than other companies. At present, we have more than 15 professional die-casting machines, which can meet the precision manufacturing needs of various industries for various die-casting parts.

Difference Between Cold Chamber Die Casting and Hot Chamber Die Casting

Working principle: cold chamber die casting needs to be isolated from molten metal, while hot chamber die casting does not.
Injection method: cold chamber die casting requires an additional injection system or spray bar injection, hot chamber die casting only requires conventional injection.
Applicable metals: cold chamber die casting is suitable for alloys with high melting point, such as aluminum alloy; hot chamber die casting is suitable for alloys with low melting point, such as zinc alloy.
Advantages and disadvantages: The advantage of cold chamber die casting is that it can reduce the corrosion of the mold to a large extent, but the production efficiency is low; the advantage of hot chamber die casting is that the production speed is fast, but the wear of the mold is high.

Process Steps of Cold Chamber Die Casting

1.Mold design

Design and manufacture a suitable mold according to the drawings you provide.

2.Melting metal

Melting metal alloys and keeping them molten.

3. Injection and cooling

Inject the molten alloy in a constant state into the cold chamber, and wait for a period of time for the alloy to cool and form.

4.Surface treatment

remove the surface burrs of the produced parts, and then perform grinding and painting.

5. Quality inspection

HJY will conduct high-standard quality inspection on the produced parts to ensure the quality of the parts.

Outside view of HJY china die casting factory

Our Die Casting Factory in China

HJY Hardware, as a very dynamic precision die casting company, we are willing to bring you a series of solutions and implement them into the production of die casting components, we can use more than 80 kinds of materials and more than 20 kinds of production processes and according to customize the best die casting services for your needs.

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines Used by HJY

Prince 450 T-SF Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine
Lester Model HP-700 T-SF Cold Chamber Machine
Lester Model HP-800 T-SF Cold Chamber Machine
Prince 600 X-SF Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine
Prince 450 T Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine
HBM 1000 T Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Our Custom Cold Chamber Die Casting Example

Car Parts

  • Part name:Car Parts
  • Raw material: Magnesium Alloy
  • Manufacturing processes: Cold Chamber Die Casting
  • Surface treatment: Electroplating, Sandblasting, Baking paint, Fuel injection, Polishing.
Magnesium Die Casting products
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