Custom Aluminum Die Casting Services

What is Aluminum Die Casting?

Aluminum die casting is a process of injecting molten aluminum alloy metal into a designed die-casting mold. Aluminum alloys are generally suitable for light parts. Parts made of aluminum alloys are not only light in weight, but also take into account mechanical properties. It is A very nice die cast metal.

Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Precision Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers

Hongjingyuan, an aluminum die-casting service expert for 22 years, can bring you more accurate and professional customized aluminum die-casting services than other companies. At present, we have more than 15 professional die-casting machines, which can meet the precise needs of various industries for various types of aluminum die-casting parts.

The Most Common Aluminum Die Casting Alloys

The most common aluminum die casting alloys are ADC12, A380, 6061, 7075, etc. All of these alloys contain silicon, copper, magnesium and zinc to improve the flowability, heat resistance and mechanical properties of aluminum.


ADC12 is a versatile aluminum alloy known for its excellent fluidity and heat resistance.


A380 is a widely used aluminum alloy renowned for its high strength, superior corrosion resistance, and excellent machinability.


6061 is a versatile aluminum alloy known for its exceptional strength, weldability, and corrosion resistance.


7075 is a high-strength aluminum alloy renowned for its excellent mechanical properties and exceptional fatigue resistance.

Why Choose Our Custom Aluminum Die Casting Services?

  • In terms of craftsmanship, we can manufacture various complex shapes for customers with clear outlines.
  • In terms of production, our die casting manufacturer have high production efficiency,Which are suitable for various large-scale production to quickly solve your production needs.
  • In terms of products, our die casting parts are of high quality and high precision, which are used in all walks of life.
  • In terms of service, we adhere to “the next process is the customer” and “one-stop service”, you only need to provide your production requirements and wait for us to deliver goods to the you.
Outside view of HJY china die casting factory

Our Die Casting Factory in China

HJY Hardware, as a very dynamic precision die casting company, we are willing to bring you a series of solutions and implement them into the production of die casting components, we can use more than 80 kinds of materials and more than 20 kinds of production processes and according to customize the best die casting services for your needs.

Aluminum Die Casting Process Steps

The aluminum die casting process is divided into five main steps, including alloy melting, mold injection, die casting, mold unloading and surface treatment.

1. Alloy melting. melting the original aluminum alloy into a liquid alloy.

2-3. Injection molding and die-casting. the liquid alloy is injected into the mold, and after a certain period of time, under high pressure, the aluminum alloy is die-cast into the desired shape.

4. Demoulding. remove the part from the mold.

5. Surface treatment. through grinding, polishing, polishing and other processes, so that the surface of the parts can reach a smooth finish.

Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting

– Can produce complex parts of various shapes and sizes, increasing design freedom and flexibility.

– One-piece molding is possible, reducing the time and cost of subsequent machining and assembly.

– Can improve material utilization and production efficiency, save energy and resources.

– It can improve the strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity of parts to meet the needs of various industrial fields.

Our Custom Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Example

Custom High Bay Light Fittings

Custom high bay light fittings|Aluminum alloy die-casting fittings factory

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