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A top professional die casting service provider with 22 years of experience – HongJingYuan is committed to providing die casting services to all walks of life, we have an experienced team to provide solutions for your production needs.

Why Choose HongJingYuan Die Casting Service?

HongJingYuan was founded in 1996, the plant area has reached 15,000 square meters,there are 15 professional die casting machines, and we have served hundreds of enterprises. We are experts in the die casting service industry, providing one-stop service for customers,HongJingYuan makes customers much cheaper and convenience.The following are the advantages of our HongJingYuan die casting service:

80% of our zinc alloy and aluminum alloy raw materials are imported from Australia and South Korea.

Each batch of incoming materials has an export certificate, product composition table and SGS test report.

Import the QMS quality management system, from the design and development, production, inspection, sales, use of the whole process of quality management.

With special inspection, self-inspection and mutual inspection, there are more than 50 links in the whole production process, more than 60 quality control points, and more than 100 standards.

We always adhere to the quality concept of “the next process is the customer“, and strictly control each production link to ensure product quality.

What Can Our Die Casting Service Bring To You

HongJingYuan, as a die casting service expert for 22 years, can bring you more precise and professional die casting service than other enterprises. At present, our die casting manufacturer has more than 15 professional die casting machines, which can meet the precise needs of various types of die casting parts in various industries. Our service objects include computers, construction, automobiles, communications, ships, and even aviation. and many more. Commonly used alloy materials for die castings are tin, lead, zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper, etc. It has cooperated with hundreds of enterprises and is widely loved by all walks of life.
  • In terms of craftsmanship, we can manufacture various complex shapes for customers with clear outlines.
  • In terms of production, our die casting manufacturer have high production efficiency,Which are suitable for various large-scale production to quickly solve your production needs.
  • In terms of products, our die casting parts are of high quality and high precision, which are used in all walks of life.
  • In terms of service, we adhere to “the next process is the customer” and “one-stop service”, you only need to provide your production requirements and wait for us to deliver goods to the you.

What Is Die Casting?

Die casting is a casting method in which the molten metal is injected into the mold cavity at the fastest speed under high pressure, and crystallizes and solidifies under high pressure to form a casting. In fact, useing die casting has high production efficiency, so it is suitable for the production of large batches of parts. Compared with other finished metal parts, the die casting process produces less waste and smaller consumables. Die casting machines are divided into hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting, and zinc, aluminum, copper, magnesium, lead, tin and their alloys are commonly used in die casting parts metal materials. These materials each have their own advantages. Next, we will select a few wide range of application alloys to explain in detail:

Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance
Strong plasticity, suitable for shaping various shapes
Lighter weight and easier installation

Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Melting point is lower than aluminum alloy
Excellent wear resistance, not easy to damage
weight and texture

Magnesium Alloy Die Casting

Longer life and longer maintenance
Good heat transfer performance
Low density, in line with the trend of lightweight

We Specialize In The Following Industries

New Energy






Medical devices

Machine Bearings

Robot And AI


Military industry


Electronic roduct



Lock Cylinder





Oil&Gas Control Systems

How Do We Accomplish Your Order For Custom Die Casting Parts?

Hongjingyuan Hardware & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, with 22 years of online experience. During the 22-year history, our factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters. We have state-of-the-art die casting machinery and equipment, and we have many skilled engineers and die casting workers, whether it is gravity die casting, hot chamber die casting, low pressure die casting, they have mastered it all. Before we process your custom die casting, we will confirm your order with you first, then we will make the mold, the time to make the mold is about 3-5 days, then it will go into the mass production process, if your precision die casting Piece shapes are very complex, so this cycle will be longer.

Die Casting Parts Surface Treatment

Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical modification of the surface of the workpiece in order to make the surface of the workpiece smooth and flat. As a method of surface treatment, polishing cannot improve the dimensional accuracy of parts, but only serves as a means to enhance specular gloss and smooth surface.

Sandblasting mainly gives a matte visual effect to the surface of the part, but can also be used to mask tool scratches and satin surface finishes.

The metal or alloy is used as the anode, and the oxide film is formed on the surface under electrolysis. This surface treatment can improve the tinting strength and corrosion resistance to protect the metal surface. The most commonly used is the anodizing of aluminum and its alloys.

It refers to the formation of a protective film by reacting metal or its corrosion products with components in the environment in order to protect the surface. It is divided into electrochemical method (anodizing) and chemical method. The chemical method is through liquid immersion or spraying, so that the chemical conversion film obtained can be wear-resistant and reduce friction.

Coating is to cover the surface of metal or non-metal with a protective layer or a decorative layer. It can not only protect the surface of the object, but also play a decorative role and improve the aesthetics of the object. If special coatings are used, the surface can also be waterproof, fireproof, Insecticide and other functions.

Through the principle of electrolysis, a layer of other metal films is plated on the surface of the metal to enhance the appearance and prolong the life of the object. Different metals are electroplated, and the final result will be different. For example, silver plating can increase conductivity and aesthetics, and copper plating can improve corrosion resistance,etc.

Degreasing is degreasing treatment. There are mainly three methods, dipping method, spray washing method and brushing method. Degreasing can improve the surface finish.

The powder coating process is the application of powder coatings to parts, which are baked to create a hard finish that is stronger and more wear-resistant than traditional coatings, available in a wide range of colors, and compatible with all metallic materials.


The role of chemical nickel plating is mainly to increase the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the parts, and the effect is poor when the surface of the parts is beautified

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