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October 13, 2022/

From raw material to production run, our metal parts die casting manufacturer can provide you with precision machined die casting parts and products, please let us know your production needs, if you are unable to decide the type of your needs, please contact us, our professional team will provide solutions for your needs.

Zinc alloy door Lock Parts

September 26, 2022/

This article describes the whole process of processing zinc alloy door lock parts in our die casting company, and discusses the surface treatment method and the basis for material selection. If you have demand for die casting parts, welcome to inquire.

Custom High end handle parts

September 22, 2022/

Beyond all doubt, die casting parts are getting more and more attention. It happens that Hongjingyuan's die casting parts supplier are also proficient in casting such parts, You can tell us your needs with confidence, and HongJingYuan die casting parts supplier will try our best to provide customers with satisfactory finished parts.

Metal door lock components

September 21, 2022/

There are three door lock components as shown in the picture, the silver door lock components are CNC-milling, and the black and copper door lock components are die-casting.Hongjingyuan can provide you with the required processing requirements, we are strong and professional.

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