Die Cast Aluminum Metal Properties: A380, 390, ADC12, 443

Die-casting aluminum alloys play a crucial role in various industries due to their excellent mechanical properties and lightweight nature. Four commonly used die-casting aluminum alloys are A380, 390, ADC12, and 443 aluminum.

Aluminum raw material

Die Cast Aluminum Metal Properties

●High Strength
●Corrosion Resistance
●Excellent Thermal Conductivity
●Good Electrical Conductivity
●Dimensional Stability
●High Fluidity

Introduction to the characteristics of 4 commonly used die-casting aluminum metals


A380 aluminum alloy offers exceptional fluidity and pressure tightness, making it suitable for complex shapes and thin-walled components. It exhibits high strength and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for automotive and electronic applications.


390 aluminum alloy possesses excellent castability, high strength, and good heat resistance. It finds applications in aerospace, automotive, and electrical industries, especially where thermal stability is critical.


ADC12 aluminum alloy provides good castability, high corrosion resistance, and excellent mechanical properties. It is widely used in automotive components, electrical housings, and consumer products due to its high strength and good surface finish.


443 aluminum alloy offers high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for marine and aerospace applications. It exhibits superior mechanical properties, especially at elevated temperatures.

Aluminum alloy raw material

Industry application of aluminum alloy

Automobile industry

Because of its light weight, aluminum alloy is often used to make body and engine parts. Because it reduces the total weight of the car, it can be more fuel-efficient and easy to drive during driving.

Aerospace industry

This industry needs aluminum alloy the most. The characteristics of low density and high strength make aluminum alloy widely used in aircraft. Many parts of aircraft and satellites are made of aluminum alloy.

Construction and building materials

Aluminum alloy is also very common in daily life. Our doors, windows, and horizontal bars in wardrobes are all made of aluminum alloy. Its corrosion resistance and plasticity make it a frequent visitor in people’s lives.

Packaging industry

 Did you think of it all at once? Yes, the casings of the cans we often eat, as well as some metal bottles, are all made of aluminum alloy, which is closely related to our lives.


A380, 390, ADC12, and 443 aluminum alloys each have unique properties that make them suitable for specific die casting applications, and aluminum alloys have a wide range of applications in life, making them a very suitable metal for a variety of productions.

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