Custom Premium Aluminum Keyboard Plate

This is a Mechanical keyboard accessory, it is a Keyboard plate made of aluminum alloy die casting processing. Keyboard plate is often referred to as positioning plate. It can be used to fix the shaft body, avoid the situation of skewed shaft during assembly, and can play the role of bearing the force when the shaft body is pressed. Using Aluminum Alloy material has certain advantages in weight and is lighter. Our HingJingYuan Processing Plant specializes in customizing Die Casting parts, please contact as soon as possible if necessary.

Aluminum Keyboard Plate|Die Casting parts Processing Plant

As you can see, this type of Mechanical keyboard accessory is composed of Keyboard plate and base plate. Two different processes were used. The keyboard plate uses die casting process, and the bottom plate uses cnc milling. Let’s introduce the processing of this part in detail.

Aluminum Keyboard Plate|Die Casting parts Processing Plant

Die Casting Process

Our Die Casting parts Processing Plant has strong expertise in parts processing. As mentioned above, the Keyboard plate uses die casting processing. The first step of the die casting process is to open the mold. The material used for this Keyboard plate is aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is a commonly used die casting material. Die castings with complex and difficult shapes are produced, and the contours of the produced die castings are clear. Therefore, Die Casting parts Processing Plant is very meticulous about the material selection of each part produced, and will combine various aspects to select suitable materials for process processing.

Aluminum Keyboard Plate|Die Casting parts Processing Plant

The material is aluminum alloy, and after the keyboard plate mold is opened, the molten metal is pressed into the mold with high pressure and high speed, and then a complete die casting parts are formed. This is the Keyboard plate processed by our Die Casting parts Processing Plant.

Aluminum Keyboard Plate|Die Casting parts Processing Plant

CNC Milling

The chassis and the keyboard plate you see are not using the same process. The keyboard plate uses die casting, while the chassis uses CNC milling. As well know, CNC milling is a high-precision machining method. It is the workpiece. Without moving, the tool rotates to remove excess material into the desired shape. The use of CNC milling can meet the requirements of strict tolerances of parts, and can process very complex parts. Today, CNC milling is also used in the processing of parts in some of the more demanding industries. Our chassis uses the CNC milling process, which makes it more efficient. High precision.

Aluminum Keyboard Plate|Die Casting parts Processing Plant

Surface Treatment

After this set of Keyboard plate is processed, it needs to be surface treated to make it look more delicate. We use CNC milling machine light knife and polishing for surface treatment. First, CNC light knife is used. This step is to improve the The finish of our keyboard plate is re-polished, and the polished parts are more beautiful. In addition to improving the ornamental quality, the practicability is also improved. The polished parts are not easy to be scratched, and the surface is smoother and brighter.

Aluminum Keyboard Plate|Die Casting parts Processing Plant

The above is the complete set of processing and surface treatment methods for our Keyboard plate. In addition to this part, our Processing Plant can customize various die casting parts and CNC milling parts. If necessary, please contact us, we will give you a reply and the best price within 24 hours.

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