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In precision engineering, where uncompromising standards are the norm, HJY emerges as a vanguard in delivering a meticulous array of aluminium milling parts.

Our brand’s unwavering dedication to excellence is demonstrated through our intricate manufacturing process, cutting-edge technology, and unrelenting commitment to quality.

Aluminum milling parts

Careful inspection

HJY begins with a meticulous incoming material inspection, ensuring that the aluminium alloys selected for our milling parts meet the highest quality benchmarks.

This initial step sets the tone for the precision and superiority that define our products.

High Precision

Precision, the cornerstone of our offerings, takes centre stage in our aluminium milling parts. With a tolerance range of +/- 0.005 to 0.01mm and a surface roughness spanning Ra0.2 to Ra3.2, our products are characterized by seamless precision that caters to diverse applications.

Materials of Distinction

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our materials. From aluminium and copper to stainless steel, iron, PE, PVC, and ABS, we provide a comprehensive selection of materials that empower our clients to make the optimal choice for their unique requirements.

Highest Standard

Our 14-step manufacturing process is a testament to our meticulous approach. Commencing with material inspection and culminating in delivery, each stage is executed precisely and precisely. Die casting, deburring, machining and various quality checks collectively ensure the final product’s alignment with the highest standards.

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Quality Validation

Quality validation is integral to our ethos. Our advanced testing equipment, encompassing CMM, tool microscope, multi-joint arm, and more, facilitates comprehensive quality assessments.

This sophisticated arsenal guarantees that every aluminium milling part conforms to stringent quality parameters.

Cutting Edge Design

Employing a suite of cutting-edge CAD/CAM design software – Pro/E, AutoCAD, Solidworks, CAXA, and UG, among others – we transform concepts into precision-engineered reality. Our design capabilities ensure the envisioned product seamlessly materializes, reflecting our clients’ exact specifications.

High Quality Mold

Innovation is our lodestar. Our moulds, fashioned from aluminium and zinc alloys, boast an impressive lifespan of over 500,000 shots, with a hardness rating of 48-52HRC. Forged from imported MS8407 Mould Steel, our aluminium milling parts encapsulate the fusion of tradition and technological advancement.


HJY, as a paragon of precision, unveils a horizon of possibilities in aluminium milling parts. Our commitment to excellence, fortified by innovation and an indelible legacy, reshapes the contours of precision engineering. Opt for HJY – where precision becomes an art form, and excellence is the benchmark.

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