Custom High End Metal Handles

When it comes to process technology capable of mass production, I believe that people can’t help but think of the die-casting process. With the advancement of technology, the application of die casting has become more and more extensive. Auto parts, electronic housings, communications, home appliances, etc., and even some high-performance, high-precision,high-quality die-casting parts are used in high-demand industries such as ships. Beyond all doubt, die casting parts are getting more and more attention. It happens that Hongjingyuan’s die casting parts supplier are also proficient in casting such parts, and are familiar with the entire process from materials to finished parts. You can tell us your needs with confidence, and HongJingYuan die casting parts supplier will try our best to provide customers with satisfactory finished parts.

Custom High end handle parts

The image below shows the die cast parts from our die casting parts supplier, which are high-end customized handle. The material can be zinc alloy or aluminum alloy. Next, the whole process flow is introduced. The first step is to open the mold, then quickly pour the aluminum alloy or zinc alloy melt into the mold under high pressure, and finally cast it. After cooling, the parts are taken out to form the high end handle in the picture. This high end handle is different from the previously introduced handle. It is composed of several parts, which can be broken off when used. Therefore, only one mold for this handle needs to be produced, and 4 parts can be produced. The picture shows 4 handle , which greatly saves the production time and the cost of making molds. Our die casting parts supplier not only can 4 handle be cast at one time, 20 or even 50 are no problem, suitable for customers who need large quantities of shipments.

The above is our die casting parts supplier, the process flow of casting high end handle. If you want to know more details, I hope you can take the initiative to contact us. The following is to popularize the knowledge about die casting for you, and I hope you will deepen your understanding of this process.

First of all, regarding the material, our high end handle can be cast using both zinc alloy and aluminum alloy. What is the difference between using zinc alloy and aluminum alloy? The price of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy is similar, However, the specific gravity of zinc alloy is higher than that of aluminum alloy,and the material cost is higher than that of aluminum alloy. Some companies want to save costs and want to replace zinc alloy with aluminum alloy. In fact, zinc alloy is higher than aluminum alloy in hardness, so the materials selected for different product requirements are also different.

The second is the choice of die-casting type. Die-casting includes cold-chamber die-casting and hot-chamber die-casting. If the material of our high end handle is zinc alloy, then hot-chamber die-casting is used, because the melting point of zinc alloy is about 400 degrees, and the melting furnace and injection chamber are connected together. Aluminum alloy is suitable for cold chamber die casting. Its melting point is as high as 700 degrees. The melting furnace and the injection chamber are separate, and the molten aluminum needs to be scooped into the injection chamber.

The above introduces the knowledge about the die casting process, how much do you know? If you want to know more, welcome to inquire.

Custom High end handle parts

Today, the editor will introduce to you one of the metal high end handle cast by our Hongjingyuan die casting parts supplier. If you need more than high end handle, automobiles, ships, including computers, etc., various industries. We can cast all parts for you. Not only the die casting process, if you have high requirements on the precision of the parts, we can also provide CNC machining services. Hongjingyuan die casting parts supplier, escort the parts processing.

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