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From raw material to production run, our metal parts die casting manufacturer can provide you with precision machined die casting parts and products, please let us know your production needs, if you are unable to decide the type of your needs, please contact us , our professional team will provide solutions for your needs.

There is no doubt that die-casting parts are not only widely used, but also attract more and more attention. Hongjingyuan metal parts die casting manufacturer specializes in customizing, processing and producing various types of die casting parts. As shown in the picture, custom door handles and custom locks are to customer needs. These are high end hardware processed by our metal parts die casting manufacturer.

custom door handles,custom door locks,metal parts die casting manufacturer

Die casting is the process of rapidly filling a mold cavity with molten metal under high pressure. The custom door locks and custom handles with complex shapes in the picture are all cast by die-casting. The first step is to design and manufacture the mold. The second step is to pour the molten metal into the fabricated mold cavity under high pressure. After waiting for solidification, the product is taken out. The following are the tolerance values of die castings.

Basic size of castingTolerance classes
greater thanToCT3CT4CT5CT6CT7CT8CT9

The custom handles and custom door locks are shaped and then surface treated to enhance the aesthetics of the custom handles and custom door locks. Several models in the picture are to polish the surface of the product first. Polishing can reduce the surface roughness, make the surface brighter, and obtain a sense of luster. After polishing, electroplating is performed. Electroplating can improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity of the product. and enhance its beauty.

Product Show of Door Handle Polishing Electroplating
In addition to the above polishing and electroplating, the following high-end hardware also uses a blackening treatment process. Before the blackening treatment, the product is also polished and then blackened. The blackening treatment is a common method of chemical surface treatment. , A layer of oxide film produced on the metal surface can isolate the air and prevent rust. The blackening treatment is only on these installation ports at the screw. The blackening treatment is more suitable for places with low appearance requirements or invisible places. Purpose. After blackening treatment, polishing is carried out, so that the product has aesthetics. There are other surface requirements, welcome to consult our Hongjingyuan metal parts die casting manufacturer
Product Show of Door Handle Polishing Electroplating

The surface treatment of custom door locks and handles is described in great detail above. If the customer has doubts about the quality of the product, such as whether it really meets the standard of corrosion-resistant lamps, our metal parts die casting manufacturer can provide salt spray test, which is Extensive and commonly used corrosion test methods can be used to check the corrosion resistance of protective coatings and decorative coatings. The test time can be 48 hours or even as high as 96 hours. Strict testing standards guarantee our products, whether it is custom handles, custom door locks and other high-end hardware products are of high quality and low price.

About the choice of materials

Zinc alloy and aluminum alloy are the most commonly used die-casting materials, and our custom door lock and handle can also use aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. These two materials are selected according to the needs of customers.

The following are the properties and characteristics of these two metal materials, if you cannot decide which material to use, please contact us.

Physical properties of three commonly used alloys
tensile strength
specific strength
Elastic modulus E
melting point
Zinc alloy6.7280~440527.0565~140385
Aluminum alloy2.7110~270577.1575~120660

Metal Material Features

metal materialCharacteristicsApplication field
Aluminum alloyLow density, light weight, high strength, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and easier processing.Spare parts with larger volume and heavier quality, such as beauty equipment, communication equipment, automobile industry, aviation industry, etc.
Zinc alloyGood casting performance, compared with the other three alloys, zinc alloy is easier to cast, can cast various complex shapes, has good mechanical properties at room temperature and wear resistance.Home furnishing, 3C products, architectural hardware, toys, beauty equipment, etc.

Today, this article introduces the products developed and developed by our Hongjingyuan metal parts die casting manufacturer, custom handles, custom door locks, in addition, all kinds of hardware products support customization, welcome all walks of life to come to consult.

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