Custom Die-Casting Aluminum Profile Cabinet Handles

Suitable cabinet handles can make all the difference when furnishing your kitchen, home office, or bedroom. A combination of functionality and aesthetics is essential, and that’s where custom die-casting aluminium profile cabinet handles shine.

HJY has established itself as a leading furniture handles and knobs manufacturer, known for its premium-quality products crafted from aluminium profiles. These handles offer a unique blend of contemporary design and robust functionality, making them perfect for cabinet, drawer, dresser, and wardrobe applications.


Materials and Construction

The cabinet handles from HJY are manufactured using high-grade aluminium profiles, ensuring durability and longevity. The die-casting process enhances the handles’ structural integrity, making them sturdy and reliable for everyday use. The handles are available in various lengths, including 136mm (5.3in), 168mm (6.6in), and 3000mm (118.1in), offering flexible options to suit different furniture sizes.

Stylish Design and Color Options

HJY understands the importance of aesthetics in modern interior design. Their aluminium profile cabinet handles feature a sleek and contemporary design style, complementing various home décor themes. Customers can choose from elegant colours, including brushed gold, matt black, white, and grey, to personalize their furniture to match their desired ambience.


Versatile Applications

One of the critical strengths of HJY’s custom cabinet handles lies in their versatility. Whether it’s a kitchen cabinet, a home office drawer, a bedroom dresser, or a wardrobe, these handles fit seamlessly into various furniture types. This adaptability makes them popular with interior designers, homeowners, and furniture manufacturers.

Salt Spray and Plating Thickness Test

HJY is committed to delivering handles that look great and withstand the test of time. The handles undergo rigorous salt spray testing, lasting up to 24-96 hours, to ensure they remain free from rust, corrosion, and spots. The plating thickness test also ensures that the handles maintain their attractive finish, even after prolonged use.

Certification and Compliance

HJY’s dedication to quality is further exemplified by the product’s certifications, including ANSI, BHMA, EN Standards, MSDS, and CE. These certifications assure customers that they are investing in furniture handles that meet industry standards and environmental requirements.


Fast Delivery and Customization

HJY offers quick shipping for inventory products for customers seeking immediate solutions within three days. Moreover, those looking for tailor-made handles can expect a delivery time of 10-25 working days after receiving the deposit. This option enables customers to personalize their furniture handles to suit specific requirements.


In conclusion, HJY’s custom die-casting aluminium profile cabinet handles present an ideal combination of form and function for modern furniture needs. With their innovative design, durable construction, and various colour options, these handles are an excellent choice for anyone looking to elevate the look and feel of their living spaces. Whether you’re a homeowner or a furniture manufacturer, HJY’s offerings will meet your expectations and create a lasting impression.

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