Custom Matte Black Photography CNC Turned Parts

Hongjingyuan customizing CNC Turning Parts in speicalizement. Nowadays, the photography industry has high requirements for Photography Parts. We can also create a precise Aluminum Alloy Photography CNC Turned Parts for you. If you will need to customize this photography parts, please contact us as soon as possible,we will respond to your quotation within 24 hours and give you the best price.

There are two ways to process this Aluminum alloy Photography CNC Turned Parts. Next, we will introduce it to you in detail.

CNC Turned Photography Parts

CNC turning and milling plus drilling

This Aluminum Alloy Photography CNC Turned Parts is manufactured by Hongjingyuan Aluminium parts manufacturer. First, it is turned into a cylinder using aluminum alloy. A long lens that looks like a DSLR after processing. Of course, it can also be processed into other shapes, such as an irregular cuboid chassis. This kind of Full CNC machining process will take a relatively long time to complete. In addition, the quality of the parts processed by the Full CNC Machining of Aluminium parts manufacturer will be higher than that of other machining processes. If the customer pursues the process, ignore the process time, you can choose Full CNC machining.

CNC Turned Photography Parts

After CNC Machining, we can proceed to the next step, such as drilling. We can perform four-axis drilling for Photography Parts. Four-axis drilling is a more common mode and has high efficiency. Of course, five-axis drilling can also be used if more complex or precise parts are required, and five-axis drilling is more comprehensive. Customers can choose different processing techniques to complete Photography Parts.

CNC Turned Photography Parts

Die casting plus drilling

Of course, in addition to the CNC machining mentioned in the previous section, our Aluminum Alloy Photography CNC Turned Parts also have other processing methods.

CNC Turned Photography Parts

 In order to respond to the pursuit of efficiency by some customers, we can also choose the method of die casting. This is what our Aluminum parts manufacturer can do. Yes, of course. The method of die casting is relatively simple, It is to press the aluminum alloy into the mold of the photographic CNC turning part that has been made, and then form it. After completing the above steps, drilling is performed. It is the same as the drilling method of CNC machining. You can choose four-axis drilling or five-axis drilling. Through the die casting process, the quality of the finished product will be lower than that of CNC machining, but compared with other manufacturers, the quality is still good, and the efficiency is greatly improved, which can satisfy customers who want to get parts faster.

CNC Turned Photography Parts

After the processing is completed, the surface treatment begins. Our Aluminum Alloy Photography CNC Turned Parts use anodized type III, the surface after treatment is matte black, the appearance looks more advanced, and can be loved by more customers .

CNC Turned Photography Parts

Don’t know if you are interested in our CNC turning parts, if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible, we will meet all your needs.

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