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This precision turning parts-Small Flashlight Housing is processed by China turned parts manufacturer HJY Hardware, we provide cnc quick quotation service.At the same time, the small flashlight made of this part is also a patented product of our Hongjingyuan. It has several colors and is very popular in China, Europe and the United States.

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First of all, the main body of this Custom CNC Turned Parts-Small Flashlight Housing is aviation aluminum. When we first designed this CNC Turned Flashlight Housing parts, we thought of using aviation aluminum because of its high enough performance indicators. The strength and impact toughness are very high, which makes it possible to protect the batteries, electric lights and other parts in small flashlights well, and because of the weldability and plasticity of aviation aluminum, this Custom CNC Turned Parts is processed very beautifully,The lines are very smooth.

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Because aviation aluminum has these characteristics, the small flashlight housing processed and manufactured not only has strong anti-fall ability and a certain degree of waterproof ability, but the cost of this small flashlight housing will be relatively much more expensive.

Surface Treatment Process Of This Aluminum CNC Turning Parts

The original design concept of our aluminum cnc turning parts is to attract users through a variety of colors in appearance, So you will find our small flashlight housing in a variety of colors,The surface treatment adopts anodized CNC machining process, so that more colors can be given to the surface , and secondly, it can further increase the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the surface of this cnc precision turning parts.

Custom CNC Turned Parts

In addition to this small flashlight housing, we can also customize other CNC turning parts, if you also want such a precise cnc turned components, please contact us: China’s first-line cnc turning parts factory, we will provide you with fast quotation cnc turning parts quotes, One-stop service such as rapid prototyping, OEM CNC turning parts.

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