Custom Aluminum Alloy PC Case Radiator

What exists is reasonable. For example Radiator, then what does it do? In fact, Radiator is a general term for a series of devices used to conduct and release energy. Radiator is composed of various parts. The parts introduced today are Radiator shells. We not only wholesale Radiator shells, but also wholesale all kinds of process parts. HongJingYuan aluminum parts manufacturer specializes in customizing such process parts.

Custom pc case Radiator shell wholesale

As shown in the picture, this is a PC case Radiator shell, with a comb-shaped surface texture and a regular cuboid. This is manufactured by our aluminum parts manufacturer, this Radiator shell adopts two processes of die casting and Tapping. Through these two processes, such a Radiator shell can be manufactured. After the processing is completed, some surface treatments are performed to improve its aesthetics. We accept custom and wholesale all kinds of craft parts. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the detailed process of its crafting.

In recent years, die casting is a special casting method with non-chip finish that has developed rapidly in metal processing. The three most important elements of die casting are machines, molds and alloys. High pressure and high speed are the main characteristics of die casting. Die casting is a casting method in which molten metal is filled into a die casting model at a high speed under high pressure, then solidified and formed, and finally taken out from the mold.

Custom pc case Radiator shell wholesale

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The overall shape of this Radiator shell is produced by die casting process. After the mold of this shape is opened, it is then die-casted with aluminum alloy. Our aluminum parts manufacturer mainly uses cold chamber die casting. Nowadays, aluminum alloys are widely used, but due to the high melting point, most of them choose cold chamber die casting machines. The pressure chamber of the cold chamber die casting machine is separated from the holding furnace. During die casting, it is necessary to take out the metal liquid from the holding furnace and pour it into the pressure chamber for die casting. The use of aluminum alloy die-casting is also due to its good quality and high production efficiency.

Custom pc case Radiator shell

In addition to die casting, this Radiator shell also uses Tapping. Tapping actually creates threads on the metal surface. The screw holes on the side can be clearly seen in the picture, which is the use of tapping.

Custom pc case Radiator shell wholesale

For the surface, the aluminum parts manufacturer has done a simple oxidation treatment, do not underestimate the oxidation surface treatment, it can improve the wear resistance of this aluminum alloy Radiator shell and prolong the life of the aluminum alloy. It also provides convenience for later filling in color. In addition to oxidation, aluminum parts manufacturer can also provide other surface treatments, such as sandblasting, polishing, anodizing, etc. Of course, no matter what kind of surface treatment, it is based on the needs of customers for the process.

Custom pc case Radiator shell wholesale

The above is a detailed introduction to our Radiator shell, what we can do is not only this part, we accept all kinds of custom die casting parts and cnc parts, we are a large-scale craft parts manufacturer and wholesaler business. If you need it, click the button below to get a quick quote.

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