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Today, hongjingyuan CNC Turning parts manufacturer will introduce an aluminum alloy CNC Turning Parts, This Custom CNC Turning Aluminum Alloy Parts are cube audio components, If you need a quotation for this part, please contact with us as soon as possible, we will be in Respond to your quotation within 24 hours and give you the best price.

Aluminum Fabrication CNC Turning Parts

Let’s explain step by step. First of all, Our CNC Turning Aluminum alloy Parts are made of aluminum alloy through CNC turning to produce a cube appearance and a round bell mouth.It is not difficult to process these two processes, but it is necessary to The precision of this cnc turning aluminum alloy parys is not so easy. In large number of CNC Turning Parts Manufacturers are not professional in CNC lathes, because the machine and equipment are not advanced enough, Causes the tolerance of the processed parts to increase, etc.These situations are common.

Aluminum Fabrication CNC Turning Parts

After the first CNC Turning process, we also used the CNC Turning Aluminum Alloy Parts for secondary machining CNC drilling on a four-axis drilling machine. The reason for using four-axis CNC drilling here is to process the small holes on the product.

In terms of surface treatment, the surface treatment process of our CNC Turning Aluminum alloy Parts is anodizing type II and sandblasting. Because our customers require us to have a rose gold matt effect and strong surface oxidation and corrosion resistance after processing the CNC Lathe Parts, we decided to make an anodizing type II for the parts first.

The surface treatment of the CNC Turned Components makes this CNC Turned Components have a beautiful rose gold matt appearance, and has a very good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. At the same time, we also give this custom CNC Turning aluminum to our customers, The alloy parts have been sandblasted to reduce the diffuse reflection on the surface of the parts and enhance the graininess, so that the surface of the parts has a more uniform matte effect, which not only prompts the visual experience, but also increases the tactile experience.

Aluminum Fabrication CNC Turning Parts

If you are also interested in our product, or you want to customize a precision CNC Turning Part similar to this one, please contact with us, Don’t hesitate,make your product work

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