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The Crochet Machine Parts are CNC Turned Components machined from 45 gauge steel. There are not many CNC machining processes used in this precision turning parts, there are mainly 4 kinds, the first is precision CNC turning, then high-frequency quenching, then cylindrical grinding, and finally surface anti-rust treatment, These five processes are not difficult in themselves. 

The difficulty of this cnc machining turning parts is to test the comprehensive ability of a turned parts manufacturer. Some cnc turned parts manufacturers may have very strong craftsmanship in a certain aspect, but it is limited to that one crafted.And we, HJY, is a mature cnc turned components manufacturers, not only rich in experience, we have various types of machines when dealing with the combined processing of various processes, which are perfectly suitable for any processing service.

CNC Turned Components

The first process of this CNC precision turning parts is processed by precision CNC turning ,mainly to first process the current appearance of the CNC Turned Components and the hook marks on the surface of the workpiece. Then the second step is to carry out the external round cutting to process the round end face in the picture, and the third step is to increase the surface hardness of this CNC Turned Components through high frequency quenching. After the above three-step CNC machining process, we will proceed to the last step. , To be honest, for the above three CNC machining, for general CNC turned parts suppliers, you can only do one or two steps by yourself, because first, it is possible that you are only familiar with one or two kinds of processes. The second is that I am familiar with the basic CNC machining process, but because of money, the equipment cannot be fully equipped, and it cannot be mass-produced, resulting in other people doing it, resulting in high costs for customers and wasting a lot of time.

CNC Turned Components

For us, HJY Hardware is different. We not only have the capability of mass production, but also over the past 22 years, most of our targets are domestic and foreign customers of medium and large enterprises, and 90% of our customers need cnc machining turning turning All parts need to be customized. We have the strength to produce in large quantities and meet the needs of different customers. We have gone too far. Let’s go back to this CNC machining turning parts. The last step is surface treatment. Here we use wire drawing + electro-polishing. The surface treatment method ensures the beautiful surface of the parts

What are the advantages of our CNC Turned Components - Crochet Machine Parts?​

  • Components have high precision and good quality
  • Turning services that provide precision CNC turning services
  • Experienced CNC turning parts factory, no matter what type of CNC turning parts you want to customize, we can meet you
  • Rich heritage, large-scale production, short delivery time
CNC Turned Components

Specifications of CNC Turned Components Crochet Machine Parts​

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