Precision CNC Milling Service

Hongjingyuan provides high-precision CNC milling services to all walks of life, welcome to contact us, cnc milling services company Instant Quote

Upload your files, receive an instant CNC milling service quote, and quickly get your product into production

Quick quotation, quick prototype

Fastest 10 days global delivery

Various metals to choose 

Tolerances as low as +-0.001mm

3-axis milling, 3+2-axis milling, positive 5-axis milling, or more milling combinations to choose from

Precise and beautiful surface treatment

Real delivery time starts from 7 days


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Advantages Of Hongjingyuan CNC Milling Services

Hongjingyuan Metal&Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Compared with peers, we always have a high cost performance ratio, our precision CNC machining parts, with high precision, small tolerance and other characteristics, widely praised by everyone


High precision with tight tolerances

Our products have strict tolerances, thanks to our company's advanced CNC lathes and experienced engineers, the tolerances can be as low as plus or minus 0.05mm


High efficiency and fast prototyping

Our strength is enough to match any number of orders, quickly produce prototypes, quickly put into production of large, medium and small batches of production orders, fast delivery, and surprise customers with efficiency


Safe and reliable one-stop CNC milling services

From uploading your product drawings and address information to producing the product, and finally delivering the goods to you, we provide you with one-stop CNC milling services, and ensure that your privacy is not leaked, safe and worry-free


Flexible, convenient and fast, precise customization

Everything is based on flexibility, flexible quotation, flexible customized materials, flexible customized surface treatment, so that customers can feel our sincerity and strength from the beginning of quotation

Hongjingyuan CNC Milling Services Capability, Features

We have the latest and most comprehensive CNC milling machining technology, our custom CNC milling services From prototyping to full production run, we provide a one-stop CNC milling solution, customers only need to wait for delivery to their door

If you are not sure which CNC milling process you should choose, we can also provide you with the most suitable CNC milling solution for your products, and through our different types of lathes and milling machining centers to produce high precision, high quality CNC milling components

What Is CNC Milling Machine​

Ordinary lathes can process relatively simple cylindrical and geometrical parts at a lower cost

In conjunction with the active tool, it can be used for more complex geometries. If it is in a CNC milling center, it can not only process more complex geometries, but also increase the processing efficiency.

CNC Turning Machine

Precision CNC Millng Services-OEM CNC Milling Companies

cnc turning services

As a 22-year-old OEM CNC Millng Companies, Hongjingyuan has always been the most popular precision millinging service provider for our customers. While striving to improve our custom CNC milling service capabilities, we have also been committed to providing users with precision milling parts, cost-effective cnc milled components. Customers who have cooperated with Hongjingyuan always marvel at the convenience of our one-stop CNC milling service and because we have advanced CNC lathes, we can basically process any type of parts, such as: washers, bolts , shafts, rivets, gaskets, sleeves, threaded joints, stainless steel fittings, pipe fittings, light fittings, wheel studs, etc.

In terms of processing materials, we, Hongjingyuan, have a unique understanding of using zinc alloy and aluminum alloy for CNC milling and manufacturing CNC milling parts. We dare to guarantee that as long as your CNC milling parts are made of these two materials, we will Can save you a lot of cost. Of course, our state-of-the-art CNC milling centers are generally available in a variety of materials, including copper, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and titanium. Contact us now for a quick quote for custom CNC milling services

Upload your requirements, customize your CNC milling service, and finally get the perfect custom metal cnc milling part

Aluminum Fabrication CNC Turning Parts

Tolerances For Hongjingyuan Hardware CNC Milling Services

Our CNC milling services always satisfy our customers, we have different tolerances for different materials and strictly follow ISO 2768 CNC machining standards

Limits for nominal size

Plastic (ISO 2768-m)

Metals (ISO 2768- f)

Apart from that, let's look at some dimensional tolerances

Materials For CNC Milling Services

We have a lot of materials used by our Hongjingyuan for CNC milling, generally divided into metal, plastic, wood, let’s take a look

Of course, we also have many CNC milling materials, if your product needs, we can provide

CNC Milling Surface Treatment - CNC Milling Surface Finishing Technology

表面处理对于 CNC 铣削零件非常重要。表面处理不仅可以美化CNC铣削件的表面外观,还可以提高CNC铣削件的耐腐蚀、抗氧化等表面抗性。下面简单介绍一下我们宏景源五金的表面处理工艺。如果您对我们的表面处理工艺感兴趣,请访问我们的表面处理页面了解相关信息。



In addition to these CNC milling surface treatment services mentioned above, we also provide other surface finishing services, such as sandblasting + anodizing type II, etc.

black cnc turned parts

If your CNC milling service requires a special finish, then! Just contact us!

CNC Milling Services FAQs

Just like the literal meaning, milling parts are parts processed by milling machine. According to the different precision, there are ordinary milling machine and CNC milling machine. Unless the ordinary milling machine are used by experienced people, the components processed by ordinary milling machine are generally It is much lower than the precision of milling parts processed by CNC milling machine.

CNC milling services are a series of services developed to better complete custom CNC milling parts, including custom milling processing solutions, manufacturing parts, and final delivery.

Generally speaking, CNC milling services can be used for parts with the following characteristics:

1. A relatively smooth plane is required, and the requirements for drilling accuracy are not high
2. A more complex surface is required
3. Need to machine gears, slots, etc.
4. To a certain extent, multi-axis machining can be used

If CNC turning is strictly speaking, there are as many as 13 types, including step turning, taper turning, chamfer turning, contour turning, facing, grooving, parting off, threading, knurling, drilling, reaming, boring, tapping.You can check the details in our article “Types of CNC Milling Machining Services

In fact, to reduce the CNC machining cost of CNC milling parts, it is necessary to pay attention to the processing time, startup cost, material cost and feature cost. In fact, the feature cost and material cost are the most influential, because the material and feature cost determine the processing difficulty and processing time. Greatly increase or decrease the price.

Application Scenarios For CNC Milling Services And Parts

Hongjingyuan precision cnc milling service supplier can provide the most precise CNC milling services for the following but not limited to the following industries. Our aim is to provide customers with the best CNC machining services and the best CNC machining parts for customers

New Energy






Medical devices

Machine Bearings

Robot And AI


Military industry


Electronic roduct



Lock Cylinder





Oil&Gas Control Systems

Maximum CNC Milling Capabilities At Hongjingyuan

Size Limit



Maximum part diameter


17 inches

Maximum part length


39 inches

Maximum swing on carriage


13.7 inches

Maximum spindle through hole


1.5 inches