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Here are the CNC machining knowledge resources of Hongjingyuan for more than 20 years, covering CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC drilling, die casting and sheet metal casting and other aspects of CNC machining knowledge.

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Magnesium Alloys

September 6, 2023/

Die casting is a metal processing process, and die-casting metal is used in the die-casting process. Die-casting metals generally include aluminium, zinc, magnesium, copper, lead, nickel, steel and other alloys. These metals have different properties, uses and costs.

Zinc Alloy Lock Housing

September 4, 2023/

Recognizing the significance of these attributes in door lock systems, HJY proudly presents its distinguished Zinc Alloy Lock Shell. With a manufacturing pedigree rooted in Guangdong, China and a commitment to excellence, HJY is your trusted partner in custom die-casting solutions.

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