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This type of black switch plates is a customized product of our metal parts machining factory for other customers. Many customers want to enhance the style of their home space through this high-end black switch plates, so the actual demand for this type of black switch plates is very large. The following editor will introduce this part in detail. What we want to convey is not just the aesthetics, shape and color of this black switch plates, but also hope that through this product, we can tell our customers that our craftsmanship is professional, from What processing steps have been taken from raw materials to finished products, and what types of parts can be customized. I hope that through this article, customers can know more about our metal parts machining factory.

black and white switch plate

Process Steps

The black switch plates you see is processed by our metal parts machining factory through punching press process. Punching press, you need to open the mold first. Before opening the mold, design the mold drawing and make the mold according to the drawing. The manufacture of the mold is particularly important, which determines the overall shape of the part. The professional engineers of our metal parts machining factory will make a perfect one according to customer needs. mold. After the mold is completed, the punching press step begins. The difference between punching press and die-casting is that the punching press materials are stainless steel, iron sheets, etc., and die-casting is to press aluminum alloy and other melts into the cavity of the mold under high pressure and high speed. The main materials of our black switch plates are stainless steel and iron, and then the power of the punching press equipment is used to make the sheet material under pressure in the mold to form this black switch plates.

black switch plate

Punching press is a more efficient production method. Some customers will think that punching press parts will be easier to damage. In fact, when you understand punching press, you will find that punching press can form incredibly hard parts. punching press can form such thin, lightweight parts. The black switch plates, but it can also be a solid forklift part, which also depends on the thickness of the metal. Using punching press as a process, both efficiency and cost are huge advantages. The first is efficiency. punching press is made of sheet metal, which is formed by pressure in the mold. The manufacturing process is not difficult, so it is also very suitable for mass production. The second is cost. The materials of punching press parts are usually not expensive. For example, this black switch plates, as mentioned above, its main materials are stainless steel and iron, which greatly saves costs.

black and white switch plate

Surface Treatment

After punching press to form this switch plate, the display processing begins. In fact, the silver switch plate you see in the picture is a stamped product that has not undergone any surface treatment, and needs to be surface treated later to beautify the parts.

white switch plate

Our main surface treatment for this switch board is electrophoresis and baking varnish. In fact, if you look at the picture carefully, you can find that this switch board is a red copper bottom, which is the color processed by the electrophoretic coating process, and electrophoresis can obtain high corrosion resistance. After electrophoresis, paint the paint, which can increase the feel and make the surface more glossy. The advantages of baking lacquer black are more prominent. Baking lacquer black is harder than ordinary black because it is cured at high temperature and is not prone to scratches. After these steps, a black switch plates with good appearance and high hardness is formed.

black Switch Plates

The above is about the whole process flow of this black switch plates by the metal parts machining factory. From raw materials to finished products, we have strict control over every process. You can rest assured to let us know your needs, and we will do our best to solve your production needs.

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