Important application of aluminum die casting high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity

Aluminum die casting products have many advantages, such as light weight, and excellent physical properties. There are also high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. These two physical properties are used in many fields. The following are some important application fields:

Electronic heat sink

In electronic equipment, especially high-power electronic equipment, such as computers, mobile phones, LED lights, etc., aluminum die-cast heat sinks are widely used. Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity can effectively conduct heat to the surface of the heat sink, and dissipate heat through natural convection or fan cooling, keeping the operating temperature of electronic components within an acceptable range.

Automotive Engines and Drivelines

Aluminum components in the engine and transmission system, such as engine cylinder head, cylinder block, crankcase, transmission housing, etc., use the high thermal conductivity of aluminum to effectively dissipate heat, improve the cooling effect of the system, and increase fuel economy and performance.

Aerospace Field

Aeroengine parts, aircraft fuselage structure, aircraft internal components, etc. can be manufactured by aluminum die casting process. Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity helps dissipate heat in high-temperature and high-pressure environments, improving aircraft performance and safety.

Aluminum raw material

LED Lighting

The aluminum lamp shell and heat dissipation structure can efficiently conduct heat, quickly conduct the heat generated by the LED to the external environment, maintain a good working temperature of the LED, and improve the lighting effect and life.

Power Transmission and Distribution

Aluminum cable glands, power transformer components, etc. take advantage of the high conductivity of aluminum to provide low resistance, high efficiency power transmission and distribution.


The high thermal and electrical conductivity of aluminum die casting makes it useful in a wide variety of applications requiring efficient thermal management and electrical current transfer. They play an important role in improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption and ensuring system performance. If we make good use of aluminum die casting, it will also make our life more convenient.

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