Die Casting Specialist


HJY Hardware is privately-held in China, and specializes in Quality hardware product including a wide range of Cabinet handles, Hinge, Buckles, slides and general hardware. As a die-casting factory, We can also create custom designed parts to your specifications, HJY hardware have the whole system of die-casting facility including Aluminum die casting, zinc casting,  CNC machining,  Tooling, Metal finishing, offer a full range of CNC turning, milling, sheet metal machining and stamping


  • Strong mechanical background creates the best hardware solution
  • Provide press mold design and manufacture service
  • Senior engineer team support most cost-effective solutions
  • Product Process improvement


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Great Communication

HJY hardware development and support team always establish a clear and effective foundation to communicate with clients throughout different project phases.

Extensive Experiences

Our team of skilled and experienced people have worked hundreds of different projects. We have extensive experiences to cater our customers’ requirements.

Collaborated Development

From customer development team to engineering and design team, we work closely with our clients to reach customers’ needs and goal, and simplify decision-making.

Industrial Connections

Great connections with research professionals and development in the industry and academic research group help us to smooth every challenge for us and our customers.

Efficient Supply Network

Reliable equipment and materials suppliers are essential to our success and drive our process more efficient and ultimately pass value to our customers.

Performance-driven Quality

We are committed to provide excellent performance and quality for our customers within required boundaries. It is more than just a goal, it is our value.

HJY Hardware

Shenzhen HJY Handware Manufacturing group, established in 1998. We are an experienced value-driven hardware manufacturing company, primarily serving customers globally and fulfill our customers’ needs and goal in China.
HJY Handware Manufacturing provides both moulding and casting production for our global clients. From aluminum casting, Zinc Alloy casting and gravity casting to injection moulds, dia casting moulds for other manufacturers and industrial clients, we has been manufacturing both consumer product accessories and industrial hardwares for our global clients using aluminum & Zinc alloy casting.
Being able to find a hardware manufacturers is not hard nowadays with the access of global platform and Internet. However, it has been harder than even to find and identify a trustworthy hardware manufacturer with commitment both in integrity and performance. Choosing us is one-time investment, and you deserve a try.