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Shenzhen Hongjingyuan Metal Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional CNC machining service provider and precision die-casting service company. Since its establishment in 1996, we have 20 years of R&D, design, manufacturing, OEM custom CNC machining services and precision die-casting services. Experience, we are China’s top ten CNC machining service manufacturers, but we are also China’s top ten die-casting service manufacturers.

Our main products are furniture hardware accessories processed from various materials, and we have one of the best CNC machining technology and die-casting technology. Our factory covers an area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters, with about 600 skilled employees, 30 professional technicians, and a dedicated R&D department, we can guarantee the innovative style and high quality of our products. We have advanced and perfect mechanical equipment, such as zinc alloy and aluminum alloy die-casting machines, CNC, EDM, wire cutting machines, punching machines, vibration machines, automatic polishing machines, etc., we can develop new molds and produce a variety of company qualifications: 2017 Passed the National Environmental Assessment Approval Certificate, 2017 Safety Production Standardization Enterprise Certificate; Chinese Enterprise Management Lean Practitioner; ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate; ISO9001 Environmental Management System Certificate;

Our Capabilities

CNC Turning Services

Custom CNC Turning Services

In general, we will use conventional lathes for work, but if the customer's products have special needs, we will also use multi-axis CNC lathe machining centers
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CNC Milling Services

Custom CNC Milling Services

Our CNC milling service, there are 3-axis, 4-axis, 3+5-axis and positive 5-axis to choose from, but if customers have higher requirements, we can provide more multi-axis CNC milling services
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CNC Turning And Milling Composite Processing Service

CNC Turning And Milling Composite Processing Service

We perform multi-axis turning and milling composite machining services in our CNC machining center. The cost is relatively high compared to a single machining method.
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Die Casting Services

Custom Die Casting Services

We are very confident in our die casting services, we firmly believe in higher precision and faster time to complete products than our peers
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CNC Cutting Services

Custom CNC Cutting Services

We perfectly support various high-precision cutting processes, including CNC plasma cutting, CNC laser cutting, CNC EDM cutting, CNC water jet cutting
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CNC Drilling Services

Custom CNC Drilling Services

Our CNC drilling services are performed on vertical, bench and radial types of drill presses and support the machining of metals, hard plastics, wood and most other rigid materials
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Sheet Metal Processing

Custom Sheet Metal Processing Services

Our Hongjingyuan Hardware can provide you with the most cost-effective customized sheet metal processing services, and provide a quick quotation
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Surface Treatment Services

Surface Treatment Services

Our surface treatment process has been well received by many customers, and even many cnc processing counterparts also cooperate with us for surface treatment
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We Specialize In The Following Industries

New Energy






Medical devices

Machine Bearings

Robot And AI


Military industry


Electronic roduct



Lock Cylinder





Oil&Gas Control Systems

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