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Hongjingyuan Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication llc, a powerful Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication llc, a certain order of magnitude of sheet metal fabrication machines, allows us to respond very quickly to production from small batches to large batches of orders, advanced machines, not only make our Customers have more options for customized sheet metal processing services, which also allows us to finally produce sheet metal parts and products with very high precision. When targeting less experienced clients, we also offer you some cost-effective, short lead-time sheet metal prototyping solutions. Our wide range of materials and surface treatments is sufficient to provide professional custom precision sheet metal fabrication suits for most industries. Send your inquiry quickly or submit your drawings to get a free quote in the shortest time possible.

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What Is Sheet Metal Processing? How Does Sheet Metal Fabrication Work?

Sheet metal fabrication is formed by cutting, bending and stamping into different shapes. Sheet metal machining is more efficient than CNC machining for metal parts that need to be machined with thicker or uniform wall thicknesses. Cost-effective, but most sheet metal parts often involve other combined processing processes, but the main process is the common process of sheet metal processing, so it will not increase too much extra budget.

Sheet metal fabrication

When we discuss how sheet metal processing works, common sheet metal production starts from removing material, forming the required basic shape by continuous cutting, and then performing the second stage of material deformation, and the cut parts are bent by bending and other methods. Machined into 3D shaped parts. If there are multiple parts, the final step is to assemble the multiple parts into a complete product. If the customer requires that the parts require a better surface finish, then Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication llc needs to perform surface treatment operations, sheet metal parts Known for their durability and affordability, which makes them perfect for many end-use applications.

Commonly Used Sheet Metal Processing Metal Materials

The following are the commonly used sheet metal processing metal materials, if you need other customized metal materials, you can contact us through our email:


Stainless steel

mild steel








Available Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes

Our network of fabrication partners gives you easy access to sheet metal fabrication capabilities for all your fabrication needs.



Allowable sheet thickness

Laser cutting

This manufacturing process uses
a high-power laser beam to cut a material sheet.

1-6mm (depending on material)


This manufacturing process uses dies to produce a U-shape, V- shape or channel shape along a straight axis in ductile materials.

1-6mm (depending on material)

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